I’ve been sitting here starting draft after draft of hand written notes on where to begin with this Blog.  Do I dive into the meat and potatoes right out of the gate? Do I list topics I would like to cover on this forum?  Do I play it safe and keep it light? How much of myself should I expose in my first post?  Then it hit me (after my pile of half-thought, hand scribbled notes was getting out of control!).  No, some of them, never, and if I want to be true to you all, then all of me!!!  So it’s been decided that if I want to move forward with this, I have to take you back and share how I ended up here.

I AM Jacquie Rousseau.  I will not be going into detail the last (almost) 49 years of my life, but I will quickly share that I was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, I have a younger brother (who never lets me forget I AM older), my parents both worked to provide for us and did the best they could with what they had, I AM single, divorced twice, have 3 children (offspring 1/23yrs, offspring 2/22yrs, offspring 3/13yrs) and a year and a half ago I left a 17 year career to follow my passion.

Each of those statements played a part in my journey.  The past plays a role in where we are, but the choices we make, the attitude we have and the effort we put in are the keys to why we are where we are (and there it is folks, the topic for next week’s blog!!!).  At the end of my 17 year career there were a lot of changes with my employer that left me physically and mentally ill.  I went off of work to heal.  I took that healing to a whole new level.  I saw a psychologist for a short time and DOVE into finding myself.  Who the hell am I?  And how, once obtaining that knowledge, would I have that play to my advantage when I returned to work?  As I dove deeper, I realized that there was this passion I’ve had in me for as long as I could remember…to be a positive part, a motivation, a kind ear, and a loving hand in people’s lives.  I have always wanted people to walk away from me feeling better than when they arrived.  I had thought over the years about studying psychology, life coaching, massage therapy, some holistic modalities, but where does a mother of three find the time and money to do that???  By the time I had to report back to work I had a plan.  I was wholeheartedly going to try and make the last 13 years of my work environment a success, but, if it happened that I found myself getting pulled into the deep dark abyss of anxiety and depression again, I had Option B.  Four days after returning to work, I submitted my letter of resignation and put Option B into action.

I immediately registered to study to become a Life Coach and let me tell you it was like coming home!  I didn’t stop there.  I spent the following 364 days studying 4 subjects, completing 111 case studies, writing exams, performing practical exams, researching outside of my course curriculum’s, networking information and finishing everything on my Option B list!  With no regrets I can now say… I AM Jacquie Rousseau, Owner of The Willow Room.

My social media accounts promote the holistic/alternative modalities I offer.  I started off posting Monday Motivation on the Facebook page, but found I really had to shorten the information I felt was important to share.  It didn’t sit right with me.  This Blog will focus on motivating you to be the best you, to healing the mind and spirit through my knowledge and experience as a human and Certified Life Coach.  There are things we all struggle with in our lives (myself included).  Here is where I would like to share information in an honest way to help you move forward in your life.  To those of you that have read to this point, thank you for stopping in and being a part of my adventure!!

Until we meet again, CHEERS!!!!

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