I AM sitting here this morning, sunshine pouring in the windows, birds happily chirping outside, a freshly pressed cup of coffee steaming beside my computer, and I feel happy.  The last few weeks have been somewhat tumultuous with things not turning out as I had planned, and events that normally would have caused me to pace my little apartment on the riverfront, stressed out and wondering “what else is going to go wrong” and “of course this crap happened to me, just my luck!”

I didn’t go to that yucky place this time.  I turned my attention to all the good things in my life and focused on the little things that daily brought a smile to my face.  You know what I am talking about!  Those things that you see, hear, taste, touch and smell every day, yet neglect to acknowledge how wonderful they make you feel.

The smell of coffee brewing in the morning.

The sunshine in your windows.

Birds chirping.

Attempting latte art, getting it wrong, and laughing at the abstract latte art you created instead.

The smile from a stranger.

Squeaking in the door behind someone before it closes without having to touch it (so much fun!)

The 75 year old man on his morning jog.

The feel of grass on your bare feet.

Watching 2 people share a hug.

The feeling of euphoria when you take your bra off.

That first sip of wine at the end of a long day.

Crawling under a fuzzy blanket that’s still warm from the dryer.

Three birds perched on a fence.

The lady at the grocery store that sees you only have 4 items and she has 50 and lets you go first.

The list is NEVER ENDING!

Fact…life rarely turns out how we planned it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to turn out brilliantly!  Finding those little happenings that we normally dismiss as quickly as they occur, and literally taking 5-10 seconds to acknowledge them, recognize the positive feelings they bring us, and holding that space for a few seconds, helps shift our perspectives and the course of our thoughts as we move through our day.  This, I believe, is where change happens.  Even if it’s as simple a change as arriving to work with a smile.

Savor those brief BEAUTIFUL THING moments that happen over the course of your day.  ACKNOWLEDGE –> RECOGNIZE –> HOLD for 5-10 seconds.

Your life may not have turned out how you planned it, but that doesn’t mean the days of your life can’t be filled with BEAUTIFUL THINGS!

Creating a life where I can share my stories and inspire…A BEAUTIFUL THING!!!

CHEERS!  Jacquie

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