If you are looking to start on a new career path, further your studies, obtain your Continuing Education Units, or are simply interested in what Natural Therapies can add to your life, I am happy to offer the Certified Reflexology Program and Certified Indie Head Massage Course here at The Willow Room as a Certified Instructor of Aliphatic Ambrosia School of Natural Therapies.

I obtained my certification in both of these modalities through Aliphatic Ambrosia.  After excelling in and successfully completing both programs, opening my own growing and successful Wellness Center here in Windsor, Ontario and continuing to further my education through my own studies and regular contact with Aliphatic Ambrosia founder Sandy Rankin, I was approached by Sandy and offered the opportunity to take the teacher training program.

In addition to my certification in Reflexology and Indie Head Massage, and additional 80 hours of actively involved, hands on study as a teaching assistant with Sandy were required for me to achieve my Teaching Certification.  With confidence, I was awarded my Teacher Certification and am now an Instructor representing Aliphatic Ambrosia.

The programs are taught in a professional setting here at the Willow Room.

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