Reiki is pronounced ‘ray’ ‘kee’ and it means universal life force energy. It is a relaxation and stress-reduction therapy. Energy flows through the practitioner to the person who is being healed and this energy is what puts the client into a high state of relaxation.

Chakras…what exactly are they? Chakras are spinning energy centers that run down the middle of our spine and body.  People are most familiar with the 7 main chakras:


We would like all of our chakras to be open and spinning. This means the energy that flows into, through and out of each chakra adds to the energy flow through the entire chakra system.  Sometimes individual chakras get ‘blocked’ and prevent the energy from flowing smoothly. This will leave us feeling unbalanced. Reiki can help open blocked chakras, allowing the energy to run freely through the chakra system!

Symptoms of a blocked chakra vary depending on which chakras are affected. Some of the symptoms are physical, while others are emotional imbalances. Anxiety could be a symptom that your root chakra is blocked. If you suffer from a food addiction, your sacral chakra may be blocked. Are you unable to express your emotions or struggle for words?  If so, there is a good chance your throat chakra is blocked. There are plenty of websites that offer comprehensive guides to your chakras. I find to be very helpful and informative.

While you are in a relaxed state, the Reiki practitioner can use a variety of techniques to check if a chakra is blocked and also assist in clearing the blockage, bringing back a feeling of balance!

If you haven’t experienced a Reiki treatment yet, I highly recommend it!

1 hour session ~ $60

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